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MetaEpica, one of the most poetic and Mona Lisa-level NFT collection is created by artist Marina Núñez. It narrates the evolution of the relationship between human and nature.

A future in which heroes are no more those heroic images that we used to know, not in battles nor with super power but intimately in harmony with their environment, acquiring power from nature and become landscapes themselves; a future for which these 3,768 epic NFTs on Ethereum give rich and precise metaphors.

MetaEpica is aiming to lead the discussion of the trend to art history and collect-to-earn in the Web3 world starting from the successful opening of the first Global Crypto Art Exhibition in the 59th Venice Biennale hosted by GCA DAO.

As a MetaEpica holder, you’re not only a owner of a provably-rare piece of art, you are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your MetaEpica can serve as your web3 identity, you will be an ambassador of the Web3 art world to encourage and to help more collectors in contemporary art get involved in crypto art collection.

Together, we will create some new concepts to change the crypto art history – come and join the movement now!

About the artwork

MetaEpica is about 3,768 transhumanist heroines’ Odyssey. Their skins are covered by intricate patterns, between arboreal and mineral, grown as metamorphosis of the landscapes. New plants grow from their heads and bodies, making them more integrated with the landscape.

Artist Marina Núñez drew her inspirations from the landscapes and plants on the Earth and satellites and planets of our Solar System. This is a way of reminding us of the world we inhabit, its beauty, its greatness, its complexity, its subtlety. Despite some striking resemblances, the landscapes and plants have been sought once the images were made. Art imitates life and vice versa!

More information about the artist:

About the artist

Marina Núñez’ is a Spanish artist. Her artworks range from physical painting to digital art, collected by important art galleries, art institutions and art academies all over the world.

As a woman artist, she used to represent hybrid, metamorphic, multiple, mutant female bodies, inspiring people to reflect on human identity.

As an early adopter of 3D art creation and virtual games, Marina realized, after living her eternal “Second life”, the fragility of mortal bodies and that we have just one planet to live - the Earth (as Donna Haraway has written from her Cyborg Manifesto on). She wants to discuss with MetaEpica one possibility of the relationship between human and nature, one of empathy and proximity and similarity, instead of obsession with autonomy and control.


As a MetaEpica NFT holder, you will be able to:

— Download a HD (5000*5000 pixel) image of the artwork, so that you could admire your collection in the best condition !

— Be on the priority list for future GCA DAO-related NFT projects

— Help decide GCA DAO future drop’s calendar with NFT collections from established contemporary artists and crypto artists.

— Unlock GCA DAO’s private VIP collectors club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold a MetaEpica.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To keep informed about MetaEpica’s project advancement or to ask any questions about MetaEpica NFT, please enter the GCA DAO Discord ( ) and find us in MetaEpica Channels.

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To support a historical exhibition like this could be a graceful memory for every participant.

Any donating over 0.15 eth will get an NFT by an important artist in the exhibition as return.



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